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Pet food product development

Each pet food manufacturer has its own procedure for developing a new product or modifying a current brand. The basic procedures are in short described here.

1. Idea: A new idea is  normally formulatd after market research.

  • 2. Product prototype: The most promising ideas are selected for further development.
  • 3. Feeding tests: After the prototype selection, a series of studies begins.
    4. Palatability:
    Palatability studies utilize an appropriate testing procedure to determine which food is most acceptable to the dog or cat. 
    5. Digestion studies:
    Digestibility is a measure of a food's nutritional value and need to be tested.
    6. Nutritional studies:
    Needed to be able to have a certain claim on the product. These may include reproduction studies, growth tests, and maintenance tests.
    7. Product development: During the time the animal tests are being conducted, many other activities necessary for product development occurs. New equipment for products and packaging, if needed, are being designed and developed, at least on a pilot scale. Package size, design, and copy, as well as product name, are being developed.

More information on these procedures can be found here

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