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Aquaculture focus at EuroTier 2008

The demand for information on aquaculture is currently very high, which is why the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts- Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society) is again organising an information platform for aquaculture at this year's international exhibition for animal husbandry and management, EuroTier.

International manufacturers, outfitters and institutions showing modern production techniques, feed, services and accessories for all aspects of fisheries, aquaculture and environmental technology will be meeting in Hall 26 at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover from 11 to 14 November 2008. The product range includes complete fish farms, feeds, filtering and oxygen input technology, right up to trout eggs from the USA available all year round.

Leading recirculation farming enterprises represented
Interest in closed circuit fish farming is increasing steadily, as these installations allow fish-keeping without a location by a stream or river being necessary. In these location-independent fish farms, the soiled, warm water is cleaned using filter technology and water conditioning and returned to the fish basins. The leading enterprises for closed circuit techniques are represented at EuroTier 2008. Furthermore, an internationally leading enterprise for feeding installations and animal husbandry systems from the pig and poultry sector is participating in the aquaculture sector for the first time and showing a new style of indoor fish farms.

Feed and feeding techniques - key areas
Reducing costs by efficient feeds and feeding systems, modern production techniques and new energy concepts are just some of the themes at this year's market place for aquaculture at EuroTier. Commercially successful fish breeders make optimal use of water as a production factor, using high-grade feeds and innovative technology. In Hanover they will meet exhibitors from the ventilation and oxygen enrichment sector. Feed firms and feeding technologists will show how fish meal can be replaced by plant proteins, and how automatic feeding systems can increase weight gain and lower costs.

Heat from biogas plants for fish-keeping
The question of using the heat from biogas plants in warm water fish systems was already one of the exciting topics at EuroTier 2006. Now the first installations are "on line" in the bioenergy installations and technologists will be showing first results and new systems at EuroTier 2008.

Exhibition - Forum - Advisory services
The combination of market place with exhibitors, information in the Forum Aquaculture and the possibility of obtaining impartial advice in a specially established Advisory Center Aquaculture proved successful already at past exhibitions. This concept attracts large visitor numbers and international contacts from all areas of agriculture. For instance 6,000 visitors showed interest in aquaculture in the course of an impartial survey conducted at EuroTier 2006.

New international partners at the Advisory Center Aquaculture
Dutch aquaculture experts from the University of Wageningen UR (University & Research) and Wageningen IMARES will be participating in the Advisory Center for the first time and together with experts from the Chambers of Agriculture, the DLG and trade associations will answer questions concerning topical issues of fish-keeping and modern technologies.

Report innovations to the DLG
EuroTier is considered to be the largest innovations market for the European and world market of machinery, installations and farm inputs for professional animal husbandry. This is why leading manufacturers present their innovations and further developments for 2008/2009 in Hanover. An international commission of experts appointed by the DLG will award Gold and Silver Medals to registered innovations on the basis of strict criteria. In 2008 too, this innovations commission will include experts for the assessment of innovations from the aquaculture sector. That is why exhibitors from the aquaculture sector are urged to submit their innovations and further developments.

Further information on aquaculture at EuroTier 2008 is available from the DLG where the contact person is Dr. Birgit Schmidt-Puckhaber, tel. +49-5031-912772, or email b.schmidt-puckhaber@DLG.org. Information is also available on the Internet at www.eurotier.de/aquakultur.

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