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European Tour: Master amino acid balance

Kemin Industries Inc., which provides health and nutritional solutions to the Agrifoods, Food Ingredients, Pet Food and Human Health and Pharmaceutical Industries, has announced their Second European Meeting to be held in April.

The event, which will be held in collaboration with Prof. Charles Schwab from the University of New Hampshire in the US, will take place in 6 countries around Europe, with the aim of further extending scientific knowledge and showing practical economic benefits achieved from amino acids.
Balancing diets for amino acids
The adoption of the concept of balancing diets for amino acids continues to increase in the US and Europe. However, the increase in the rate of implementation, as measured largely by sales of protected methionine (Met), has been tied largely to differences in milk prices and feed costs with adoption being slowest when feed costs are high and prices for milk and milk protein are lower. However, in Prof. Schwab's experience, even when milk prices have been at their lowest, long-term financial benefits could be realised by balancing for amino acids.
Prof. Schwab
Dr Lyndon Davies of Kemin states that Prof. Schwab, who is widely recognised for his research on amino acid nutrition of dairy cattle, has made over 100 presentations at dairy nutrition conferences and workshops in the last 10 years on the application of advances in amino acid and protein nutrition for more efficient use of feed protein for milk production. "After his highly respected lecture at our European Conference in Belgium last year, we immediately decided to invite Prof. Schwab again for a tour to 6 different European countries to give our customers the opportunity to have in depth discussions taking into account their local conditions. In addition to Prof. Schwab every conference will have well known local speakers from Research Centres, Universities or the industry," says Davies.
Tour Calendar
 Date Location   Local speakers 
 14 April  Penkridge, UK   Prof. Sinclair Mayne, Prof. Ian Givens, Dr Phil Garnsworthy
 16 April  Billund, Denmark   Jens Møller
 17 April  Hamburg, Germany   Dr Katrin Mahlkow-Nerge, Dieter Mirbach
 18 April  Wittstock, Germany   Dr Katrin Mahlkow-Nerge
 21 April  Lugo, Spain   Angel Avila, Luis Conchello
 22 April  Zaragosa, Spain   Angel Avila, Luis Conchello
 23 April  Carpi, Italy   Dr Formigoni
 25 April  Laval, France   Mr Enjalbert, Mr Maréchal
* Participation by invitation only, please contact Kemin for more information
* Conference language: English + translation
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