News last update:6 Aug 2012

US introduces morning meal dog food

All American Pet Company, Inc. in the US announces the introduction of its new line of premium gourmet dry dog food "All Day-Every Day."

Mr. Barry Schwartz, President of AAPT, stated, "We were the first company to target the morning meal for dogs which gained us placement in over 7,000 supermarkets and now we plan to create direct distribution to the mass merchant retailers and big box chains with the introduction of our new line."  Mr. Schwartz added, "We believe that 'All Day-Every Day' along with our other brands are nutritionally the best dog food products on the market."

All of the products manufactured by All American Pet are manufactured in the U.S. under strict manufacturing guidelines. AAPT is increasing its sales and marketing efforts with the addition of a food brokerage firm that specializes in Mass Merchant and Big Box Store sales. They are working closely with Lisa Bershan who heads our marketing and sales operations.

Ms. Bershan, EVP Sales, stated, "The introduction of our new line of dog food products are positioned to maximize the trend towards the humanization of dogs with a variety of shapes and flavors which we believe will be an exciting, new and unique concept in pet nutrition and focus on the needs of mass marketers to provide premium products to their customers."

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