News last update:6 Aug 2012

CTO Danisco becomes EC scientific advisor

Chief Technology Officer at Danisco Dr. Leif Kjærgaard has been appointed the only Danish member to serve on the European Commission's advisory group on science and research, European Research Area Board (ERAB).

ERAB is made up by 22 persons who have been appointed in a personal capacity based on their expertise and competencies. They all come from the fields of science, academia and business in Europe and will provide advice independent of their professional backgrounds and based on their scientific knowledge.

The objective of ERAB is to help ensure more effective allocation of EU research funds and improve the coordination of research programmes in and between member states.

ERAB will be assisting the entire European Commission. Members of the Board are appointed for terms of four years and provide their services free of charge. The Board's first meeting is in May.

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