News last update:6 Aug 2012

German bio-feed producers unite

Manufacturers of organic compound feed in Germany founded their own association. "Ecological Animal Nutrition in itself is already a high claim. But to sustain this when raw materials are scarce a more common platform is required," said Rudolf Joost-Meyer zu Bakum, the first chairman of Society for Organic Animal Nutrition (GOETE in short in German).

For a long time production of bio-feeds mainly took place additional to the production of regular compound feeds. Lacking was a single contact for politics and the organic food industry.

Security of commodities, from domestic production if possible, production of GMO free feed, promotion of cultivation of legumes (soybeans, peas, lupins, field beans) for a sustainable protein supply and a transparent traceability of raw materials to the field are just some of the objectives which GOETE has obliged itself to.

The founding members are: AHG, Curo, Kaiser mill, Meika, trading company Gut Rosenkrantz, Meyerhof zu Bakum and Reudink.

They would now produce about 100,000 of bio-feeds following the highest quality standards and thus produce the bulk of the industry.

All founding members belong to the Bioland association and other German farming associations to produce bio-feeds on separate production sites.

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