News last update:6 Aug 2012

Possible feed contamination incident

The Food Standards Agency wrote to stakeholders on Tuesday 22 April to inform them of possible contamination of animal feed imported into the UK from Sweden.

FSA said that a potential feed contamination incident occurred involving the presence of material of animal origin in wheat feed intended for ruminant rations.

The potential contamination was detected following routine sampling undertaken as part of the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) National Feed Audit, which gave positive results for the presence of muscle fibre, terrestrial animal bone and fish bone in stocks of wheat feed from Sweden in stores at Tilbury Docks (London).

Wheat has been distributed
It would appear that, following the date the samples were taken but before the results were available, the wheat feed was distributed to a number of merchants and feed mills throughout England.

Because this contamination incident concerns possible breaches of TSE and animal by-products legislation for which Defra is responsible, the investigation is being undertaken by Defra's Animal Health (formerly the State Veterinary Service).

Defra will therefore be responsible for following up the distribution of the wheat feed, including further sampling and risk assessment, and for determining whether a recall of any feed or food products may be necessary.

The Food Standards Agency is being kept informed of developments, and will provide further information as and when it becomes available.'

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