News last update:7 Aug 2012

Relationship US corn growers and farmers

A report by the National Corn Growers Association has emphasised how corn farmers and livestock producers in the US have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. "Livestock and poultry producers have come to rely on the corn industry as a top source of high quality, nutritional feed," said David Ward, chairman of NCGA's Production and Stewardship Action Team.

"In turn, we have long depended on the livestock and poultry sector as our number one customer" Ward continued.

NCGA says that historically, more than half of the annual US crop has gone to feed domestic livestock and poultry. Because corn growers have always recognised the importance of the livestock and poultry industries to their own livelihoods, they have invested heavily in research and promotion efforts to advance and protect the interests of America's livestock and poultry producers.

Livestock producers and corn growers have seen national and state legislative efforts rewarded following joint visits to their state and national governmental officials and agencies. NCGA affiliate states declared in the last three years that state corn checkoff organisations have continued to substantially increase contributions annually toward livestock and poultry research and promotion efforts. These projects have covered a wide range of subjects, ranging from research on utilisation of ethanol co-products, promotion for expanded meat exports to providing support at local livestock show arenas and events.

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