News last update:6 Aug 2012

Saudi Arabia to subsidise animal feed

Saudi Arabia issued a revised animal feed subsidy list that consists of 19 energy and protein rich animal feed ingredients. Under the revised program, the government will provide discounts ranging from $116 up to $560 per metric ton, depending on the type of imported feed.

The rebate will be paid directly to the local importer. The expanded list added new feed items such as oats, canola meal, fish meal, alfalfa pellets, soy bean hulls, sunflower hulls, and rice bran. The subsidies on the two main feed ingredients, soybean meal (48 percent protein) and yellow corn, were increased from $133.33 per metric ton to $396 and $266.67, respectively.

The new subsidy program is in line with the Ministry of Agriculture's (MOA) recently issued National Animal Feed Strategic Plan which bases government subsidy levels on a feed ingredient's nutritional value, mainly energy and protein contents.

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