News last update:6 Aug 2012

Adisseo invests more in methionine

Feed additive manufacturer Adisseo is to build a new methionine production unit in China, in partnership with its parent company China National Bluestar. The new unit is scheduled to be operational in 2011.

Parallel to that, Adisseo is launching a plan to invest in its European units. These initiatives are being taken in anticipation of continuous growth of global demand for methionine, an essential amino acid mainly used to feed poultry.

In China, Adisseo and China National Bluestar have decided to build a new unit for the production of methionine. This project is a major focus of Adisseo's development on Asian markets.

"The new plant should be up and running by 2011, when our existing production units will no longer be able to satisfy global demand alone, and especially demand from China and Asian countries which will account for more than half of the global growth of the methionine market over the next decade," points out Gérard Deman, CEO of Adisseo.

Four percent annual growth
The global methionine market should be growing at an average rate of 4% by 2015. This growth will come with the increase in the world's population which will need, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a global production of almost 300 million tonnes of meat by 2015.

Poultry should account for half of the growth of total meat production, and 40% of that production should take place in Asia.

Initially, the new unit will have an annual capacity of 70,000 tonnes. It will be designed so that its capacity can be doubled to meet expected market growth.

This unit will be integrated into a petrochemical facility owned by China National Bluestar and will benefit from local production of all the necessary raw materials (propylene, methanol, sulphur, etc.).

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