News last update:6 Aug 2012

Cargill marks 50 years of feed innovation

The Cargill Animal Nutrition Innovation Campus in Elk River (Minn, USA) will celebrate 50 years of research, innovation and excellence in the animal nutrition field this month.

The Cargill Innovation Campus is the main technology center for Cargill's global animal nutrition businesses, which today operate in 26 countries. Over the last fifty years, research has gone from studying production management techniques to exploration of nutrient values and metabolism. Today's research at the Campus also lies in exploring how developments in animal nutrition can be applied to human nutrition.

After a $2.4 million expansion in 2006, the Innovation Campus now sits on 900 acres and employs 100 people locally (with another 30 globally) including 26 Ph.D. nutritionists who specialize in species ranging from cattle and swine to domestic dogs and cats, and even fish and shrimp.

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