News last update:7 Aug 2012

Masterfeeds to close mill in Baden

Canadian Masterfeeds is to close down its feed facility in Baden. Twenty-four employees lose their job or move to a nearby operation.

Major reason for closing down the facility in Baden is the high cost for upgrading to current company standards. Also the recent acquisition of Land O' Lakes Canada, which gives Masterfeeds the opportunity to consolidate locations.

In May Masterfeeds reached an agreement to purchase Land O' Lakes Canada's Ontario feed business. Planned consolidations will lead to the closure of Land O' Lakes facilities in Peterborough, Mitchell and Wellburn. Land O' Lakes had already closed the facility in Mitchell. Masterfeeds is acquiring the lease.

The age of the Baden mill is playing a big role in the company's decision to close the facility. Vice president of operations Als Cleary said the cost of expanding and upgrading the facility to meet the needs of the modern feed supply business is too cost prohibitive to even consider.

Masterfeeds' Baden operation provides a full line of livestock feeds, but specializes in the equine business. The Baden facility has been in operation since 1952 when Masterfeeds, then a division of Maple Leaf Mills, purchased the former flax mill and modernized the operation to accommodate the new feed business. The original mill was built in 1872 when the Livingston brothers constructed the larger facility to process flax grown on their farm.

Masterfeeds Inc. is wholly owned by Ag Processing Inc., a farmer-owned cooperative based in Omaha, Nebraska.

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