News last update:6 Aug 2012

UK animal feed no risk to human health

UK Animal health has completed its investigation into contaminated feed, concluding that there was no risk to human health.

Animal Health carried out detailed investigations to determine the origin of the material of animal origin. It established that this material was very low risk and present at very low levels.

A total of 815 feed samples were collected and tested, of which 13 proved positive for low level contamination.

Temporary movement restrictions imposed on cattle and sheep on farms which had received the contaminated material have been lifted and the animals allowed to enter the food chain.

In a statement released last week Defra said: "FSA advice is that meat from animals which may have eaten the relevant animal feed should pose minimal risk to public health, provided the statutory specified risk material (SRM) controls are fully adhered to when the animals are slaughtered.

"The FSA therefore sees no reason to exclude the animals placed under restriction as a result of this incident from the food supply on food safety grounds."

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