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2nd Rhodimet® Research Grant launched

Adisseo, one of the major producer of amino acids, has launched its second Rhodimet® Research Grant, to support scientists all over the world in developing original and quality research programs on methionine sources.

Rhodimet® Research Grant has been created to challenge scientists from universities or research institutes to innovate and contribute to better sustainable animal protein production. A global funding of 230,000 USD will be granted to support 3 to 5 research programs of one to two years that should focus either on basic research (methionine and health, from metabolic knowledge to physiologic microbial effects) or applied research (from better nutrionnal recommendations to reduced environment pollution and improved sustainability).

The success of the first Rhodimet® Research Grant has led Adisseo to create the Advancia scientific and technical forum community which aims to share questions and researches on sulphur amino acid nutrition. The second Advancia International Methionine Seminar will review recent research progresses from digestive absorption to metabolic roles of methionine sources.                                              

Organised in 2006-2008, the first Rhodimet® Research Grant was a real success with 34 proposals received from research teams worldwide. Three topics were selected, amongst the 34 excellent proposals received. "After two years of exciting research programs on methionine, we believe there is still more to be learned on methionine sources metabolism", says Pierre-André Geraert, Director of Innovation at Adisseo. Complete results of the first Rhodimet® Research Grant will be presented at the second Methionine Advancia Seminar on July 20th 2008 in Niagara Falls (Canada).

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