News last update:6 Aug 2012

Dinnissen opens food design factory

Dinnissen Process Technology is to open the Food Design Factory, a unique multiflexible development factory in a high-quality test environment specially intended for the development of new foodstuffs (and animal feed).

The Food Design Factory is an actual working production line for foodstuffs (and animal feed) with which product developers, nutritionists and foodstuff technologists can test endless variations and combinations with widely diverging processing operations. They can grind, sieve, weigh, mix, dose, dry and even expand, extrude and vacuum coat under all sorts of strict conditions.

The factory can also serve as a small-scale production location. New products can be produced during the introduction phase without the need for immediate heavy investment by the company in the production process. This makes introducing new products to the market less risky. The factory has a production capacity of 200 to 800 kg per hour.

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