News last update:6 Aug 2012

UK considers reviewing GM-produce rules

In a paper the UK government has highlighted the difficulties of sourcing non-GM animal feed. The Food Standards Agency is now to review how it regulates the marketing and labelling of genetically modified produce.

If the upward pressure on prices of raw materials is to continue the UK risks importing feed "wrongly labelled as non- GM" the paper said.

Farmers have troubles meeting supermarket requirements to feed some animals, including chickens, non-GM grains as prices remain near record highs.

The FSA said it would work with the environment department (Defra) to examine how market changes were straining the regulatory system for GM products.

Food sold in the UK containing products of genetically modified organisms must be labelled, but meat, milk and eggs from animals given GM feed are not subject to such a requirement.

The UK government has long lobbied the EU to improve the regulatory regime for GM products and wants decisions on the import of GM foodstocks to be quicker.

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