News last update:6 Aug 2012

Aussie grain growers not happy with rain

Not too little rain, but too much rain is now beginning to create problems for Australian grain producers. Recent good winter rains across south-east South Australia and south-west Victoria have almost become too much for some companies.

Many farmers in the region have switched their focus to cropping in the past few years and say they can see the impact the heavy rains are having.

George Whitehead says he has had almost 200 millimetres of rain since the start of July and his crops are starting to feel the effects.

"Yes it's starting to get a bit soggy. It just means the crop ... slows down a bit, goes a little bit yellow, potential for yield impact, but a bit early to tell at this stage," he said. "If it eases up and we get a few fine days we should be pretty right."

Also the UK suffers from too much water. Wheat is starting to sprout across the country, with many combines still under wraps due to the ongoing wet weather.

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