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Biorigin buys Immunocorp Animal Health

The Brazilian company Biorigin has bought Immunocorp Animal Health AS, a subsidiary of the Norwegian pharmaceuticals developer Biotec Pharmacon ASA. The sales consideration amounts to NOK37.5m (€4.7m).

As a part of the present sale there will be established a collaboration agreement between the selling company Biotec Pharmacon and Immunocorp Animal Health that will ensure technology transfer from Biotec to Biorigin for the further refinement and development of the product. In Brazil Biorigin produces immune stimulating glucans for the South-American market.

The company has bought Immunocorp to acquire the leading Norwegian competence and establish a stronghold for growth in Europe. "This is the first step in internationalization for Biorigin", says General Manager Mario Steinmetz of Biorigin. "Our plan is to maintain Immunocorp Animal Health's existing organization and employees in Norway, while using its structure and technical knowledge to continue to support expansion of the position of Biorigin in Europe".

Immunocorp Animal Health
Immunocorp Animal Health develops and markets immune stimulating products for aquaculture and agriculture. Its brand MacroGard® is an ecological alternative to feed antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for livestock, pets and cultured aquatic organisms. MacroGard® is based on a well-characterized and scientifically proven beta-1,3/1,6-glucan that has been in use world-wide for almost 15 years as an immune modulating agent in animal husbandry and aquaculture. Immunocorp Animal Health has a crew of seven persons and a total sale of NOK 14.1 (€1.78m) million during the first six months of 2008.

Founded in 2003 Brazilian Biorigin produces yeast cell derivates for the food industry and animal nutrition. From the start in 2003 Biorigin has seen a yearly growth of 30 p.c. Biorigin is part of the Zilor Group, a leading producer of sugar, ethanol and bio energy.

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