News last update:6 Aug 2012

C&H nutrition introduces new additives

C&H Nutrition is putting two new butyrate-based feed additives on the UK market. These ingredients are sourced from nutrient micro-encapsulation specialist Soda Feed Ingredients.

ButyProl is a 50% calcium butyrate in-feed product encapsulated by the Micropearl process, which allows targeted release of the key short chain fatty acid along the small and large intestine. Butical is 60% calcium butyrate and soluble, which means it can be included in calf milk replacers.

According to C&H Nutrition business development manager Dr Alan Reeve, both products offer UK feed producers opportunities to add value to existing monogastric and ruminant feed ranges.

"Butyrate is an important nutrient source for epithelial cells in the intestine and supplies up to 70% of their total energy requirements. It also inhibits coliform and clostridial bacteria, as well as stimulating water and mineral absorption – all of which can lead to enhanced animal performance.

"ButyProl is especially suited to piglet and poultry diets and can provide extra energy in the intestine to cope with stressful periods such as weaning or egg laying," he explains. "Butical, on the other hand, has been used very successfully in European calf milk replacers. Trial work in the Netherlands shows that the calcium butyrate source can deliver daily weight gains running at 112% of a non supplemented control diet between 55 and 120kg."

Both products are deodorised and easy to handle in the mill.

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