News last update:6 Aug 2012

Five Australian wheat exporters accredited

AWB and ABB are two notable absentees from the list of the first five companies approved to export wheat under the new deregulated bulk wheat marketing arrangements introduced by the Australian government last month.

Wheat Exports Australia has been meeting in Canberra this week and announced Cargill Australia, Elders Toepfer Grain, Goodman Fielder Consumer Foods, Grain Pool and OzEpulse as the first five companies to be accredited to export wheat under the new licencing arrangements.

AWB, Emerald and ABB were among the companies surprisingly not present on the list.

"Anyone who thinks AWB can be retained as a surrogate Single Desk must now confront the fact that AWB has to compete against domestic and multinational grain traders that do not have Constitutional constraints on what they do," AWB managing director Gordon Davis said.

Minister for Agriculture, Tony Burke, met with the board of the new industry regulator and said WEA would continue to assess other applications at their meetings in the coming days and weeks.

"The goal of this major economic reform was always to provide more choice for growers," Burke said.

To become accredited under the scheme, exporters are required to demonstrate they are fit and proper through satisfying a specific eligibility criteria.

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