News last update:6 Aug 2012

Plea for immediate ban on export of maize

Chairman of the Pakistan Poultry Association, Abdul Basit, has asked for a ban to be put into place on the export of maize, due to the ongoing struggle with poultry feed prices.

Basit emphasised that if a ban on the export of maize is not imposed immediately, the price of maize would increase substantially. As a result, the price of poultry feed will rise pushing the cost of production of chicken and eggs upwards.

'Imminent closure of many poultry farms will result in high prices of chicken meat and eggs, resultantly the price of mutton, beef and pulses will rise to unprecedented level; he said.

Basit said that to save the people of Pakistan poultry sector from this imminent disaster, government of was requested to please immediately impose a complete ban on the export of maize from Pakistan.

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