News last update:6 Aug 2012

Contaminated fish feed not links with China

China on Tuesday said that a preliminary investigation found that fish feed made from contaminated squid powder, which was reportedly found in the Republic of Korea (ROK), was not made with Chinese export products.

"Relevant Chinese departments have carried out investigations on the country's export of powdered squid innards since reports of this issue were revealed on September 19 and found that those claimed products were not from Chinese companies," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a regular press briefing.

According to ROK media reports, locally distributed fish feed had been found to be contaminated with the chemical melamine, known to cause kidney-related problems in humans.

The ROK government said it had found traces of the chemical in feed made by a domestic company that produced the feed from powdered squid intestines, which reportedly came from both the ROK and China, and were supplied to 16 fish farms beginning in March.

Of the 619 tons of feed produced by the company, 583 tons were sold while 29 tons were recalled. "The ROK authorities are investigating how the industrial chemical got into the fish feed," Jiang said. "The Chinese government has paid great attention to the issue, and is ready to strengthen cooperation with the food security departments of the countries and regions concerned," said Jiang.

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