News last update:6 Aug 2012

Funding for Queensland Giant tiger prawns

The Minister for Regional Development and Industry Desley Boyle announced a $500,000 Smart State Innovation Projects Fund (IPF) grant to the CSIRO to advance a program of introducing Elite Giant Tiger Prawns to Australian Prawn Farmers.

Ms Boyle said the project, funded under the IPF's Research-Industry Partnerships Program, would help Queensland farmers meet a growing demand for tiger prawns in the South East Asian region. "In recent times there has been a strong decline in the production of large farmed prawns, particularly Black Tiger Prawns, as well as a decline of natural stocks in the South East Asian region," she said.

Advanced genetic technologies
Scientists from the CSIRO Food Futures National Flagship have been able to selectively breed fast-growing, high-health prawns, in close collaboration with Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, one of Queensland's leading prawn farming companies. These prawns possess all the genetic markers for success in terms of size, taste and the ability to thrive - and they take the guess work out for farmers who currently rely on the unpredictability of wild stocks.

The funding will enable the CSIRO to expand its work with Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture to include additional farms, including Seafarm (based in Cardwell and Mossman) and Australian Prawn Farms near Sarina.

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