News last update:6 Aug 2012

Happy Shrimp Farm to produce algae

The Happy Shrimp Farm, producer of tropical shrimps in the port of Rotterdam , The Netherlands is ready to start producing its own algae, intented for shrimp feed and other industrial applications.

Happy Shrimp Farm is establishing the business unit AllComm that will focus on the algae production. The algae are primarily used for shrimp feed and produced from waste from the Happy Shrimp Farm and the E.ON power plant (where the farm gets the waste heat from).

Weapon against global warming
“But using the algae only for Happy Shrimp is too limited,” says Gilbert Curtessi, managing director of Happy Shrimp. He explains that algae are a very interesting type of vegetation. Because they are able to consume large quantities of CO2, they are a powerful weapon against global warming.

In the future, CO2 can be isolated from the air and injected in (created) algae ponds to neutralise them. "Furthermore, algae biomass can be used as a source for bio diesel, food supplements, natural colorants, cosmetics and even pharmaceutical applications", Curtessi continues. In addition, algae are about ten times more effective as a bio-diesel producer then other energy crops. That is of particular interest now that world supplies of feed and food crops are becoming more limited.

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