News last update:6 Aug 2012

Heartland Agri Partners buys Insta-Pro

Triple "F", Inc. has sold its Insta-Pro International division to Heartland Agri Partners, LLC, a recently formed West Des Moines, Iowa based company.

Insta-Pro International sells processing equipment, such as expanders and extruders for processing agricultural commodities for the food, feed and renewable fuel industries. Insta-Pro is a global supplier and has its equipment in over 100 countries.

Insta-Pro was formed in the late 1960's as Triple "F" invented and patented the dry extrusion process—a method of utilizing friction as a source of heat for cooking, dehydrating and sterilizing agricultural crops such as soybeans. The process has since been expanded to multiple feed stocks and includes technology for pressing oil from various oilseeds.

Dr. Leroy Hanson, Chairman, CEO and President of Triple "F", expressed his satisfaction in finding a new home for Insta-Pro to carry on the business with no disruption in service to its worldwide customer base. Heartland Agri Partners (HAP) will continue to locate the company in Urbandale with all the current employees.

HAP ownership is made up of key managers of Insta-Pro (Karl Arnold, Dr. Nabil Said and Hennie Pieterse), backed by Heartland Equity Partners located in West Des Moines. HAP will be headed by Kevin Kacere as CEO and President. "We are extremely excited about the future of Insta-Pro as we make the investments to take this company to new heights in the future," Kacere said.

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