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Munsch in AFIA Liquid Feed Hall of Fame

Ken Munsch, an owner of the Cattleman's Choice Loomix (CCL) line of liquid feed products, was honoured for his years of accomplishment in the industry when he was inducted into the American Feed Industry Association's Liquid Feed Hall of Fame.

The award was presented to Munsch, a two-time member of AFIA's Board of Directors, during AFIA's Liquid Feed Symposium in Austin, Texas, on Sept. 11.

Munsch, of Johnstown, Colorado, and his business partner, Mike Troska, purchased the rights to the Loomix product line and its dealer network in 1997. They then formed the CCL line and relocated the company from the Chicago area to Johnstown.

With Munsch's efforts, CCL has become a leader in technology and marketing, and brought new business into the liquid feed industry with its innovative products and growth.

The company may be the fastest-growing one in the liquid feed industry, as it is eight times larger today than it was at its inception.

Among Munsch's accomplishments, he initiated open-top trough feeding in feedlots, a concept he introduced to hundreds of markets in many states.

He created marketing and distribution programs that have allowed more than 1,000 agricultural businesses to enter the liquid feed sector.

He also was instrumental in forming programs that created thousands of employment opportunities in the liquid feed industry.

Munsch said his greatest satisfaction comes from his ability to grow the agricultural industry by attracting new businesses, people and talent into the liquid feed sector while also expanding its scope.

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