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Out now: August edition of Feed Mix

A new issue of Feed Mix magazine, the international journal on feed, nutrition and technology has been published.

Among the topics covered in this month's issue are:

Prebiotics – the soothing supplement for horses
Prebiotic ingredients like fructo-oligosaccharides improve the stability and the activity of the good bacteria living in the gastro-intestinal tract. Also horses may benefit from these healthy ingredients says Frédérique Respondek from the company Syral.

Mineral leaching: a problem in aquaculture?
Mineral leaching from faeces, excess feed and chemical compounds from aquaculture sites may cause negative impacts on the environment. However, growing awareness can assist the industry to avert potential risk says Santosh Lall from the
Humans often consider their dogs to be part of their family and the way a dog behaves is therefore an important issue for pet owners. Certain feed ingredients can help in getting a "better behaved pet". Emmy Koeleman shares some insights.

Part 2: Feed and wellness series
Animal welfare policies in the EU is an issue of high public concern and political relevance. In order to support the future of animal production and agricultural science, these sectors need to embrace this welfare topic. On the animal feed side, animal nutritionists are increasingly exploring how diet formulation and certain ingredients can influence the immune system and hence improve animal health and welfare. In this second part of a two-part series we delve deeper into stress-related health and welfare problems: the role of nutrition in poultry.

Balancing amino acids in milk replacers
Most studies on amino acid requirements for calves have been done in calves older than five weeks. The objective of this study was to estimate the optimal concentrations of Lysine, Methionine, and Threonine in milk replacers for calves younger than that.

Overfishing impacts feed formulation
Most farmers worldwide are currently struggling with the high Feed prices. Ingredients such as Fish meal and fish oil are often used in piglet diets; however, the prices of these ingredients are not what they used to be. The use of vegetable protein sources is therefore gaining more interest.  

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