News last update:6 Aug 2012

More pet food added in FDA recall list

The list of recalled products containing peanut derivatives, compiled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has grown over the last few days, with seven additional pet-food products being added.

PetSmart was the first pet-food seller to pull a pet-food product from its shelves voluntarily when it recalled all varieties of Grreat Choice dog biscuits. PetSmart and the 72-store Wegman grocery chain also recalled Saligs three-count packs of Healthy Hide Deli Wrap 5-inch Peanut Butter Filled Rawhides.

Other retailers voluntarily pulling items from their shelves include the 2,500-store SuperValu chain, which includes stores like Albertson's Shop'n Save, Save-A-Lot, Acme and Bristol Farms. SuperValu recalled Happy Tails' 4-pound and 26-ounce packages of multi-flavored dog biscuits and Shoppers Valu 4-pound packages of multi-flavor dog biscuits.

The FDA confirmed through testing that the source for the Salmonella typhimurium outbreak is a Blakely, Ga., plant owned by the Peanut Corp. of America (PCA). No pets have been reported ill, the FDA says, but many humans have been affected.

A full list of recalled peanut-butter or paste products, including pet foods, can be found here.

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