News last update:6 Aug 2012

New feed supplier audit service in China

FACS Ltd, has opened an office in Beijing China with the intention to provide a bespoke second party audit service for feed and premix companies around the world that are looking to source raw materials, feed additives and medications from China.

FACS Ltd is responsible for the animal feed supply chain audits for the UKs largest supermarket and therefore has considerable experience of supplier approval auditing.

Managing Director Jon Ratcliff explains "Supplier approval and traceability are the biggest challenge facing the feed industry.

"The global food and feed industry is searching for cost effective sources of ingredients and additives and many of these are sourced from China.

"Unfortunately, whilst there are many very respectable companies supplying from that country, the recent experience with melamine and dioxin has raised great concern, even with companies that possess some form of recognised certification.

"Supplier approval is an increasingly important and essential part of the due diligence process, however, reliance on certificates of analysis and quality system certificates is not sufficient in terms of risk assessment.

"Sending your own company employees to audit is expensive and limited in effect due to language differences.

"We are able to provide highly qualified and specialised local auditors that will carry out a full audit inspection and process risk assessment tailored to the clients' needs.

"The service will be aimed not just at external companies looking for supplier approval but also companies within China that are looking to demonstrate to their customers the highest levels of food safety".

Second party audit
"We are intentionally moving away from an assurance type scheme, to a bespoke second party audit which is comprehensive and reliable. In my view, although assurance schemes have proven very successful in Europe, the export of these schemes to third countries is having limited success for various reasons."

We will be able to provide a very cost effective solution for companies that are concerned about effective supplier approval in China".

For more information contact: +44 1789 751812 (UK office),

+86 10 65919042 (China office) or email jon@facs.uk.com

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