News last update:6 Aug 2012

New microbial for organically fed cattle

US based company Accelerated Genetics has announced a new product line called Essential Solutions, which are feed additives for organically fed cattle.

Essential Solutions DFM is a combination of ruminant specific microorganisms that promotes proper rumen micro flora function and growth for a more stable and effective digestive tract.

DFMs are very effective, and with an improved rumen environment it can lead to higher production, allows for better feed efficiency, and reduces the risk of pathogenic microbes becoming established in the digestive system to improve overall animal health. In addition, stable digestive tracts are better equipped to absorb required nutrients needed for crucial biological functions such as reproduction.

There are many advantages to the Essential Solutions Direct Fed Microbial product, they include: product stability, dry formulation, special packaging ensuring the product stability for months, guaranteed viable microbe count and it is USDA certified organic. Further the on-farm product trial showed improved production when Essential Solutions DFM was fed.

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