News last update:6 Aug 2012

AB Vista appoints distributors in Egypt and Russia

AB Vista has confirmed two new distributors for its feed enzyme products, including Quantum Phytase and Econase XT. Safeed will be distributing throughout Russia, whilst Egavet has been appointed to distribute the product portfolio in Egypt.

Dr. El-Hussein Azeim, Deputy General Manager of Egavet said: “We believe the feed additive market will continue to grow as more customers realise the benefit enzymes bring. In joining with AB Vista we have gained a partner with extensive industry experience, which will help us provide a superior level of service to our customers.”
Dr. Marina Sirukhi, Commercial Director of Safeed said: “A new partnership with AB Vista to distribute market-leading additives in Russia is a positive development for Safeed and our customers, and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.”
The distribution agreements between AB Vista, Egavet and Safeed are another step forward in AB Vista’s international growth plans.
AB Vista Global Sales Director, Ari Kiviniemi, said: “Over the past few years AB Vista has expanded its global reach and product portfolio, including the successful launch of the 3rd generation phytase, Quantum, and the first intrinsically thermostable xylanase enzyme, Econase XT, in the European Union.  We believe growth requires a strong local presence, and by the appointment of Egavet and Safeed, we hope to achieve this in Egypt and Russia.”
For Safeed in Russia Marina Sirukhi can be contacted at m.sirukhi@safeed.ru and for Egavet in Egypt Dr. El-Hussein Azeim can be contacted at husseinazeim@msn.com

Dick Ziggers

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