News last update:6 Aug 2012

Dutch feed miller forced to stop producing

The administration of the Dutch province Noord-Brabant forces feed manufacturer De Heus to stop producing at its facility in the town of Ravenstein.

The feed miller had exceeded the production limit of 140,000 tonnes and has to discontinue producing within two weeks time.
At the end of September the province administrators already demanded that De Heus would cease production, but by presenting new view points it managed to postpone the decision. The Council of State however rejected the amendment.
De Heus was still producing under an Environmental licence of 1986 which limited feed production to 140,000 tonnes. This year the company already manufactured 191,000 tonnes of feed at the facility.
Last year the Province Administration granted a new licence to produce 325,000 tonnes, but the Council of State annulled the permit.
A spokesman for De Heus said that it will apply for a new licence mid next week. If this new application is accepted he expects that De Heus can continue producing at the site.

Dick Ziggers

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