News last update:6 Aug 2012

Imtech launches ImPlant-5 lean management system

Implant is a control system designed to meet the most demanding requirements and standards especially in the field of animal feed production plants.

Implant covers in the automation competence the process controls as well as the MES (management execution systems) layer, including production formulation. The system is vertically integrated from field component till ERP (enterprise resource planning).
For each step in the production process, an Implant module has been designed. With a lot of attention going to robust, open and perennial products, which are the three prerequisites for an industrial application.
Due to the careful technological choices, Imtech is still able to support the first versions dating back to 20 years.
A wide set of dosing components are supported and links to several existing ERP systems.
Implant also has the reputation to be very reliable, by means of PLC technology combined with redundancy on server level.
With Implant version 5 Imtech moved to the latest design tools and programming environments on the MES level, that is stable.
During this major update the functionality and maintainability was further improved. This version is at least as modular as the previous issues. The first factories with Implant 5 have been put into operation right now.
All modules take care of the optimal steering of all systems and transport, starting from data generated by ERP and/or nutritional optimalisation packages.
Advanced calculation algorithms keep operators and management informed in real time of production status, batches, stock and equipment efficiency.
Contamination, Tracking & Tracing, extensive article management and user administration are for granted. All these items come with unexpected user friendliness and raging speed due to well adapted technological choices.
More information can be obtained from Steven Wauman at Imtech.

Dick Ziggers

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