News last update:6 Aug 2012

Origin Agritech gets approval for GM phytase corn

Beijing based biotech company Origin Agritech Limited has received the Bio-safety Certificate from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture as a final approval for commercial approval of the world's first genetically modified phytase corn.

Origin’s phytase corn is the first transgenic corn to officially introduce the next generation of corn product approved and sold commercially into the domestic marketplace.
Genetically modified seed products in China must undergo five separate stages of approval beginning with a phase one laboratory approval to the final receipt of the Bio-safety Certificate in phase five.
Currently, this GM seed approval process is restricted only to domestic seed producers such as Origin Agritech.
Phytase is currently used as an additive in animal feed to breakdown phytic acid in corn, which holds 60% of the phosphorus in corn.
Due to environmental constrains in Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan phytase is often mandatory used as an additive for animal feed to lower the phosphorous output in the faeces of the animals.
No need to purchase phytase
Phytase transgenic corn, developed by and licensed from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS) after 7 years of study, will allow animal feed producers the ability to eliminate purchasing phytase and corn separately.
Origin’s GMO phytase-producing corn is expected to reduce the need for inorganic phosphate supplements as animals will directly absorb more phosphate from their feed, reducing animal feed’s high cost.
Origin plans to release further details of the development of their phytase product line as this develops.
Dr. Gengchen Han, Origin’s Chairman said, “With this landmark seed approval, we not only own the first GM corn seed product in China, but we are actively leading the new genetically modified generation of agricultural products for China, and will continue to do so for the future.”
Origin Agritech founded in 1997, is an agricultural company focused on the research, development, production, sale and distribution of hybrid seeds in China. The company's major seed products are corn, rice, cotton and canola.

Dick Ziggers

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