News last update:6 Aug 2012

New transfer and storage terminal for Bracofeed

At the inland port of Oss in the Netherlands, Van Aarsen has built a ship unloading and storage terminal for the Dutch feed cooperative Boerenbond Deurne.

Last month the Deputy Mayor of Oss, Mr. Iding, officially opened this new facility by releasing the first load of feed into the intake hopper.
The new facility will be operating under the name of Bracofeed, a subsidiary of Boerenbond Deurne.
By means of a hydraulic crane, 3000-ton ships can be unloaded at a rate of 300 t/h. A truck intake at 150 t/h is also available.
The incoming material is cleaned and weighed before being stored in the 6 silos with a total capacity of 10,000 tons. The silos are equipped with aeration and temperature monitoring.
For full traceability an automatic sampling system has been installed to take samples of each delivery. Samples are automatically sealed in plastic bags and labelled.
For delivery of the stored products, 4 silos for truck loading and a ship loader are available.
Hammer mill and more storage 
The next step in the project will be the installation of a Van Aarsen GD1400 hammer mill line with an automatic screen exchange system.
The 5.26 ha. terrain will be used to build a flat store for another 10,000 tons of product and the planning permission procedures for a complete new 400,000 t/a feed mill are about to be started.
For optimal accessibility a railway connection to this site is also being developed.

Dick Ziggers

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