News last update:6 Aug 2012

New division at INVE: Aquaculture Feed Additives

INVE Nutri-Ad has extented its core business by creating a new division: Aquaculture Feed Additives. The knowledge and expertise for this new group will come from INVE Nutri-Ad and INVE Aquaculture.

INVE Nutri-Ad’s Aquaculture Feed Additives Division has an ambitious plan to "work side-by-side with its aquaculture feed producers facilitating improved profitability and sustainability for them and increasing product quality for the consumer," according to Mr.Ben Letor – Global Marketing Manager INVE Nutri-Ad. "This recent incorporation of aquaculture feed specialists complements our existing scientific and technical teams to potentiate our commercial network in the key aquaculture markets in Asia, Europe and America." INVE Aquaculture on the other hand will keep its leading function in providing life feed & health solutions to hatcheries and farms worldwide.

This aquaculture extension within INVE Nutri-Ad has resulted in a diversified product portfolio for aquaculture organized under six programs:
(1) Performance Enhancement, covers key issues such as the replacement of marine ingredients, maximizing feed cost efficiency by optimizing feed conversion and minimizing harmful waste effects in the environment;
(2) Health and Well-being, centers around supporting good health condition in animals through reliable immunostimulants, anti-microbials, anti-parasitics, ammonium binders, and key vitamins;
(3) Preservation and Stabilization, provides feed additives for avoiding spoilage of ingredients and finished feeds; (4) Feed-Food Safety for prevention of harmful effects developed by micro-organisms and toxins;
(5) Production Aid, for improving physical characteristics of aqua feed including water stability, smell and colour;
(6) Natural Alternatives, to ensure that animal nutrition is based on natural ingredients including natural pigments and phytobiotics.

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