News last update:7 Aug 2012

Clextral shows another year of growth

Aqua feed and pet food extrusion specialist Clextral, division of Group Legris Industries, achieved a great performance in 2008, with an increase of turnover of 20% to €53.3 million, and the order intake culminating to €55,8 million.

This growth is explained by the increase in sold equipment, a rise in service activities globally and intensification of sales in emerging countries.
With 80% of orders realized outside the euro area, Clextral maintains its world leadership in its specialities.
Clextral also reinforced its international presence in 2008 with the opening of an office in Moscow and the acquisition of the company KAL based in Denmark.
At the beginning of 2009, the sales network widened with the creation of a subsidiary in Sydney in Australia and with setting up of an office in Casablanca in Morocco.
On the whole, Clextral today has 8 sites outside of the euro area (a.o. in the United States, China, Chile and Algeria)  to be closer to its customers worldwide.
Good order book
The company starts 2009 with a good order book, a lot of combativeness, awareness in its management due to commercial uncertainties, and an affirmed vision of the long term which contributed to its historical success.
Investments in R&D will continue in 2009, in particular with an acceleration of the developments on the innovating patented process of Extrusion-Porosification thanks to a pilot platform based in Australia, and also on reactive extrusion linked with green Chemistry.
By considering the environment issue a priority, Clextral acts as a responsible company and expresses itself as a partner for its customers on this major issue.
This orientation fully fits with the Legris Industries Group policy, which joined in 2004 the UN Global pact, resolutely committing itself to develop its corporate social responsibility and to preserve its environmental impact.
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Dick Ziggers

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