News last update:6 Aug 2012

New distributor for Norel & Nature in Australia

AusPac Ingredients Pty Ltd is the new distributor for Norel & Nature in the Australian market.

Incorporated in 2005, AusPac is a fast growing company managed by a dynamic and experienced team. Australian animal husbandry sector is characterized by very consolidated broiler and layer industries (three companies represent more than 80% of the broiler production, while 2 players hold 50% of the egg market). Swine production is predominantly located in the eastern part of Australia (South Wales, Victoria and Queensland account for about 75% of the total production) while major states for dairy farming are Victoria and New South Wales.

AusPac Ingredients aims to focus in a first time on the promotion of NOREL’s flavours FLUIDAROM, in special micro particles form, ensuring better fluidity and stability. The team will also offer our range of sweeteners DULCOAPETENTE, as well as other products such as GUSTOR or RUMALATO.

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