News last update:6 Aug 2012

(Video) Dog food used to hide cocaine

You have a dog in your car and also a bag of dog food. Nothing wrong with that. But police in Massachusetts, USA did not like it that two brothers hid bags of cocaine in the dog food.

Watch video here (starts after commercial)
Two brothers were in a Worcester courtroom the day after a routine traffic stop led to a surprising discovery in Auburn, Massachussets.
Police were searching the car when they found a whole lot more than kibble inside a bag of dog food.
Police say there were about 40 grams of crack cocaine in the plastic bag.
The human occupants of the vehicle, brothers William and Joseph Martin were charged with drug trafficking.
Joseph Martin was also charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, a double-sided knife.
They pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking charges in court. Bail was set at $5,000 each. They are due back in court in April.

Dick Ziggers

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