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By: Richard Duszcak. The cartoons were made exclusively for Feed Tech magazine (copyright reserved)


  • Conical twinscrew extruder

    Conical twinscrew extruder

  • Modern soy proteins

    Modern soy proteins

  • Computerised wet feeding

    Computerised wet feeding

  • New tuna diets

    New tuna diets

  • The ideal roller mill

    The ideal roller mill

  • 'Processed cereals'

    'Processed cereals'

  • On line baggers

    On line baggers

  • Truck manufacturing

    Truck manufacturing

  • Volcanic pow(d)er

    Volcanic pow(d)er

  • Bi-coloured petfood

    Bi-coloured petfood

  • New EU food and feed law

    New EU food and feed law

  • Pellet quality

    Pellet quality

  • Brewery yeast in pig feed.

    Brewery yeast in pig feed.

  • Rice in Feed.

    Rice in Feed.

  • Steam


  • Feeding according to the book

    Feeding according to the book

  • Antioxidants in petfood

    Antioxidants in petfood

  • Sampling.


  • Ancient shea nut versatility

    Ancient shea nut versatility

  • Ship unloader

    Ship unloader

  • Die cleaning

    Die cleaning

  • Extrusion odour control

    Extrusion odour control

  • Micro- encapsulation

    Micro- encapsulation

  • Moisture control in feed

    Moisture control in feed

  • Bagging strategy

    Bagging strategy

  • Feedmill improvements

    Feedmill improvements

  • Shrimp feed trials.

    Shrimp feed trials.

  • Information technology

    Information technology

  • Feed Safety

    Feed Safety

  • Labelling of animal products

    Labelling of animal products

  • Wet Feeds

    Wet Feeds

  • Tailor Made Feed

    Tailor Made Feed

  • Going Green

    Going Green

  • More air in feed pellets

    More air in feed pellets

  • Mycotoxin survey

    Mycotoxin survey

  • Physical feed quality

    Physical feed quality

  • EU zero tolerance on GM feeds

    EU zero tolerance on GM feeds

  • Melamine in pet food

    Melamine in pet food

  • New milling concept

    New milling concept

  • Natural growth promoters

    Natural growth promoters

  • Biofuel boom

    Biofuel boom

  • Quick loading pays off

    Quick loading pays off

  • Chinese feed quality

    Chinese feed quality

  • Innovative feed compounding

    Innovative feed compounding

  • Cladding of trace minerals

    Cladding of trace minerals

  • Exploring boundaries

    Exploring boundaries

  • Tropical shrimps from Europe

    Tropical shrimps from Europe

  • Pet Flavour Savour

    Pet Flavour Savour

  • Cost efficient feeding

    Cost efficient feeding

  • Ethanol by-products

    Ethanol by-products

  • Dust control

    Dust control

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