News last update:6 Aug 2012

Honduras shrimp industry flourishes

Despite a registered fall in the price of certain shrimp sizes caused by the global financial crisis, the coming year is looking positive for Honduras shrimp farming. A harvest of 80 million pounds of shrimp worth some US$150 million is expected between late April and October-November.

"The good climate conditions help in fishing large volumes. The product will be able to be sold at the best prices possible," said Jacobo Paz, a representative of the National Association of Honduran Aquaculturists (ANDAH).
Paz expects the volume of export will not fall, but observed a decline in the price of the largest shrimp sizes, which are also the most expensive. However, he trusts they will begin to see some price increases beginning in July, La Tribuna reports.

New export markets
Also, new markets like Germany and England have opened to an expanding import of Honduran shrimp, he revealed. Costa Rica, Mexico and several South American countries have also become markets for Honduran shrimp.

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[source: FIS.com]

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