France support aquaculture in Mozambique

The French government is to grant 1.5 million euros (2.1 million US dollars) to Mozambique to support the development of aquaculture (prawns).

The project, aimed at guaranteeing sustainability and the international competitiveness of the country's farmed prawns, will involve the major stakeholders in the sector, namely the National Aquaculture Development Institute (INAQUA), the National Fisheries Products Inspection Institute (INIP), and also the private sector, through the Mozambique Prawn Producers Association (APCM).

One of the central objectives of the project is to strengthen dialogue between INAQUA, INIP, and the APCM, through cooperation between public and private institutions. The project will also focus on assistance to the Prawn Producers Association, which should work with public institutions, and ensure close cooperation between all stakeholders.

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