News last update:6 Aug 2012

NZ: too many insects in imported animal feed

Biosecurity New Zealand has issued new standards for the importation of vegetable based animal feed. The move follows a number of instances where insects were found in shipments from Asian countries.

The new rules include a higher level of inspection of shipments on arrival, as well as increased treatment regimes for the products or seeds, to ensure any insects such as flies and maggots are killed off.

Federated Farmers grain council chairperson Ian Morten would prefer closer audits of phytosanitary certificates from overseas and a closer examination of those countries which do not comply. He says the responsibility of who pays for the clean-up should be up to the importers not with the farmers.

Biosecurity New Zealand manager of plant imports and exports, Stephen Butcher, says farmers can have faith in the system. He says officials work closely with authorities in exporting countries to make sure the certificates are accurate, continuously monitor imports and have a high level of verification of the certification process.

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