News last update:6 Aug 2012

One worry less for Unicopa after sales of feed division

Nutréa, the animal feed subsidiary of French cooperative Unicopa, has been taken over by Coopagri Bretagne and Terrena.

This alliance is one worry less for Unicopa which is facing serious difficulties.
Unicopa has a 66% share in the animal feed division and with 24% Evialis is the other major shareholder.
Terrena only invest in the feedmill without entering the holding.
Nutréa sells 1.4 million tonnes of feed and employs 550 employees at 8 sites in the west of France.
The largest plant located in Languidic (the second largest in Questembert) and employs 200 workers. It mainly manufactures poultry feed.
Eolys, main-shareholder of Unicopa remains heading the new holding company. Two other partners, Pigalys and Cam 56, also joined the operation without entering the holding.
The new combination covers a quarter of animal nutrition in Britanny.
More to be sold
Under the protection of Ciri (Inter-ministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring), the group now seeks cooperative partners for Brocéliande, its seasoning branch and the dairy group Entremont Alliance in which it has a minority share together with financer Albert Frère.
"We are witnessing the end of the group Unicopa,” said trade analysts. “Industrial activities are divested one after the other. There will eventually remain three coops; Eolys, CAM 56 and Pigalys.”

Dick Ziggers

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