News last update:6 Aug 2012

Berg+Schmidt takes over Loders Croklaan animal feed products

Berg+Schmidt as of 1 June 2009 has taken over all the products of the feed division of Loders Croklaan.

Loders Croklaan BV, headquartered in Wormerveer, The Netherlands, is a member of the IOI Group, one of the world’s biggest palm oil specialists.
Since the company operates chiefly in the field of special oils and fats for the food industry, it has now transferred its animal feed division to Berg+Schmidt.
From now on its international business will be continued by Berg+Schmidt.
Berg+Schmidt has been operating in the field of feed fats and feed additives for over 50 years.
Throughout the world the company offers the feed industry essential vegetable substances for healthy and profitable animal nutrition.
Its extensive range includes the brand BergaFat, with its programme of rumen by-pass fat powders for ruminants and lecithinized fat powders for monogastric animals.
The takeover has enabled Berg+Schmidt to add a number of Loders Croklaan products to its range.
They include LodeStar Clame - P10, a conjugated linoleic acid, LodeStar MST, a stabilizer for calf milk substitutes, LodeStar C16, a rumen-protected and highly concentrated C16:0 fatty acid which will in future be sold under the name Bergafat F-100 HP, and the medium-chain fatty acid LodeStar C8-10 P.
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Dick Ziggers

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