News last update:7 Aug 2012

Tessenderlo Group: Fiso now fully owned by Akiolis

Akiolis, part of French subsidiary of Tessenderlo Group, has just acquired the remaining 50% stake in the Fiso Group. No financial details of the transaction have been made public.

Fiso's own daughter companies, major businesses in the South West of France, will step up to become fully integrated as part of the group as of 1 July 2009.
These daughter company’s are:
  1. Ferso Bio which offers rendering services to 55,000 livestock breeders in 14 departments;
  2. Solagra which specialises in the collection and processing of poultry by-products. The company supplies fats and dehydrated proteins to the pet food industry in France and to various export markets; and
  3. Ispac which specialises in the collection and preparation of animal by-products intended for the wet feed market for pets.
These three employ 250 staff and operate 3 plants and 7 collection centres.
Akiolis Group, Europe's third-ranking operator, processes 1 million tonnes of feed materials each year and employs 1,150 staff in 13 industrial sites and 41 collection centres and transhipment stations.
It specialises in solutions for the collection, processing and marketing of organic by-products (derived from meat and cereals) sourced from livestock farms and the agri-foodstuffs industry.
The Group supplies animal fats and nutritional ingredients intended for the production of bioenergy or that are used in the pet food, fertilisation, lipid chemicals, gelatin or animal feed industries.
The Group recently went on to diversify on the market of by-products of cereals sourced from the food industry and the collection and processing of used edible oils.
By 2010, Akiolis is planning developments in the area of direct production of bioenergy sources: biofuels made from animal fats and oils and methanisation.
Tessenderlo Group is an international chemicals company with more than 100 branches in 20 countries. Around 8,200 people work for the group, 2,277 of which in France. Consolidated revenue in 2008 was € 2.76 billion.

Dick Ziggers

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