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HQS to use algae meal for increasing Omega3 content

China based aquaculture and aquatic product processor HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (HQS) has completed a new feed mill where algae meal is used to increase the omega3 content of the fish feeds.

The new mill produces aquatic feeds following HACCP and ISO standards as well as the European regulation on feed hygiene FAMI-QS.
The feed formulation will supplement feed without the use of fish meal or fish oil to alleviate the pressures on wild catch of fish.
Furthermore omega 3 will be added through all-natural algae meal to significantly increase omega 3 levels in fresh water inland farmed Tilapia.
Swiss technology group Buhler designed and manufactured the equipment for the feed mill and considers the HQS processing plant a showcase of the latest technologies in this sector.
The extruded floating feed produced by the mill reduces waste, and, in turn, improves the feed conversion ratios of the farms in Hainan province, China.
Norbert Sporns, President and Chief Executive Officer of HQ Sustainable, commented, "This [new mill] will allow us to provide superior feeds to our cooperative farmers in Hainan, but also to tap into the highly lucrative specialty aquaculture feeds market, servicing other China based and international aquaculture operations growing everything from grouper to abalone and crab. We are able to improve efficiency and reduce costs for our clients, and we are able to better control the quality of the final product."

Dick Ziggers

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    olalekan uthman

    any break through that reduces the usage of fish meal and oils in aquatic feeds is a welcome development as it reduces pressure on reducing ocean stocks and reduces the cost of feed

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