News last update:7 Aug 2012

European authorisation for probiotic in aquaculture

Bactocell® is the first probiotic authorized for use in aquaculture in the European Union. Lallemand's lactic acid bacteria are now recognized to improve performance in salmonids and shrimp.

Bactocell contains lactic acid bacteria strain Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM MA18/5M. The authorization is based on the recognition of the quality and safety (QPS status) as well as the efficacy of Bactocell in beneficially enhancing salmonid and shrimp production.
VCS in salmonids
In salmonids, Bactocell is able to improve the quality of the final fish products by increasing the number of well-conformed fish (prevention of Vertebral Compression Syndrome, VCS).
This syndrome, which is thought to affect over 20% of rainbow trout harvested constitutes an important economic loss for fish farmers.
The use of Bactocell® in the prevention of VCS in salmonids is the subject of an international patent filed by IFREMER and INRA in 2006.
Better survival of shrimp
In shrimp, Bactocell is able to increase survival and growth performance.
The trials submitted with the application dossier demonstrated beneficial effects in terms of growth enhancement, feed utilization, as well as improved resistance against Vibrio sp. infections.
Zootechnical feed additives
Probiotics in animal nutrition are classified in Europe as zootechnical feed additives, and as such are subject to very strict scientific assessments, requirements and regulations.
Their assessments, by a panel of scientific experts, include in-depth evaluation of the identity, composition, quality, safety and efficacy of the particular strain on the intended target species.
It is therefore a lengthy process demanding important investments by the manufacturer.
Bactocell is already authorized (since 2005) for use as a zootechnical feed additive in fattening pigs and chickens. Lallemand has recently sought to expand the use of this specific strain to cover use in layers.

Dick Ziggers

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