News last update:6 Aug 2012

INNOVATION: Feeder for liquid and dry feed

Dutch livestock equipment producer Verbakel introduced the 'Multi-Feeder' at SPACE, a feeding device allowing producers to feed both liquid and dry feeding at the same time.

The product is based upon the idea of a conventional feeding system, with a tube for liquid feeding added as an extra option. The product can feed e.g. pellets, crumble, and meal (dry) but also whey and/or pulp (liquid). So far, it has been marketed to some farms in the Netherlands only.

The feeder is provided with a bunker of 200 litters for dry-feed and an 80 cm wide trough, containing a supply pipe and a sensor bar, to stop the flow of liquid feed.

The innovation, which received one Innov’SPACE star at the French show, requires the presence or addition of a liquid feeding system. In return, the producer will receive flexibility as to what kind of feed to use. Either liquid, dry, or even both.

SPACE is held in Rennes, France and lasts from 15-18 September.

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