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HQ Sustainable Maritime starts writing black feed figures

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc., producer of functional, sustainable Tilapia biomass, including fish and personal healthcare products, has provided an expanded feed mill operations update.

A new feed mill has been completed producing principally Tilapia feed and is capable of 100,000 metric tonnes annual production.
HQS began generating revenue from the feed mill operations in the fourth quarter of 2009 after a successful sales outreach to the cooperative farming community and a positive response from the production of sample feed during the previous period.
Additionally, recent ISO 9001 and 22000 certifications for both the seafood and feed mill plants further reflect the company's focus on superior product quality and food safety management.
"We are pleased by the response from our new clients. These clients include buyers from domestic and international production areas. HQS' state-of-the-art feed mill operations provide us with superior, all-natural, vitamin enriched feed, enhancing the quality of the aquaculture biomass produced for our fish and personal healthcare products," said Norbert Sporns, HQ Sustainable Maritime's President and Chief Executive Officer.
"We executed on our product quality and food safety goals. We continue to achieve greater supply chain efficiencies as we execute on our strategic growth initiatives in 2010 and beyond."
The company expects to announce fourth quarter and full year 2009 financial results during March of 2010.
In addition to headquarters in Seattle, HQ has operational offices in Wenchang, Hainan.

Dick Ziggers

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